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Actual Project Roadmap

As tengvert is still in a verry early state, the real cool stuff is still missing.
Below you can see what we allready have and what will be added ASAP:
IMPORTANT:On Windows Vista please use the latest .NET Framework verison (3.5 SP1) to run TengVert properly.

finished features: - project structure and modelling
- transcription library
- command line tool
- user friendly GUI
- installer for windows os family
things to come: - comfortable Mode Editor with mode debugging
- dictionary creation
- correct transcriptions with fix-wizzard
- integrate fixed-by-hand changes into dictionaires to improve further transcriptions
- download and share dictionaries and modes from within TengVert
- online dictionary database with community quality assurance
- import text from pdf and ebook files
- export transcription to pdf
- integrate user feature requests
more information: read the Quick User Guide

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contact: pappe [aT] farcast [dOt] de
last update: 2009-07-20

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